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Antonio Jorge

Antonio Jorge

Antonio Jorge was College of Arts and Sciences Professor of Political Economy at Florida International University. He held appointments in the Departments of International Relations, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology/Anthropology.

He was also Senior Research Scholar at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies and Senior Academic Advisor and Editor to the Cuba Transition Project at the University of Miami. He was also Senior Fellow with the North/South Center at the University of Miami and the International School Graduate Studies at the University of Miami.

He was research professor in International Studies and Economics at the University of Miami. He was Professor of Economics and Provost at Biscayne College, now St. Thomas University.

He was also Associate Executive Vice-President at Florida International University.

Dr. Jorge has published extensively. He is the author or editor of twenty books and numerous academic articles, essays, and monographs in areas including The External Debt and The Economic Development of Latin America, Foreign Investment and International Trade, Modernization and Social Change, Ethics and Economics, The Cuban Economy, and Hispanics in the United States. He is also a frequent contributor to the local and international press and the media in general. He has been actively involved in community and public affairs. Has was appointed by the Governor of Florida as founding president of the Commission for the Hispanic Population of the State of Florida. He was also appointed by the governor as member of the Post-Secondary Education Commission of the State of Florida.

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