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Inspire America Foundation

Inspire America Foundation

Inspire America is led by its founder Marcell Felipe with the assistance of a dedicated staff and distinguished Advisory Board. The Advisory Board consists of exceptional leaders who have achieved excellence in their respective fields, including law, media, health, banking and government.

Its mission is to inspire freedom in Cuba in and the Americas.

Inspire America visits with world leaders, prepares policy proposals, coordinates TV ad campaigns, conducts polls and supports pro-democracy groups.  Inspire America, however, does much more than that.  Our network of lawyers is ready to assist anyone harmed by the Castro Regime or with information on illegal acts by the Castro Regime.  We strive to develop useful information for media organizations and to provide experts for analysis, upon request.  We strive to accomplish our mission in as many ways as we can.

​Inspire America is organized as what is sometimes called a “Super PAC”, an organization which can raise an unlimited amount of money from individual donors and businesses and spend these funds on political advertisements.

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