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Diana Campoamor

Diana Campoamor

Diana Campoamor, Ph.D. is the president of Hispanics in Philanthropy, a network of philanthropists that includes most of the international foundations and many corporations in the United States.

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1949, Campoamor arrived in the United States in 1960. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts and obtained a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Miami. She completed the coursework for a PhD in Latin American Studies at the University of Florida.

She held executive positions at the United Way of Dade County and at the YMCA. Campoamor has served on the boards of the Council on Foundations and Independent Sector, the Board of Governors of KRON-TV, the Hispanic Association on corporate Responsibility and BRAVA for Women in the Arts.

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